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Información potencial a recolectar durante la fase de reconocimiento. Footprinting.

Difunde No Solo Hacking!


  • access control mechanisms and access control lists
  • authentication mechanisms
  • Domain name
  • IDS
  • internal domain names
  • IP addresses of the reachable systems
  • network blocks
  • networking protocols
  • private websites
  • rogue websites
  • system enumeration
  • TCP and UDP services running
  • telephone numbers
  • VPN devices


  • passwords
  • remote system type
  • routing tables
  • SNMP information
  • system architecture
  • system banners
  • system names
  • user and group names


  • address and phone numbers
  • background of the organization
  • comments in HTML source code
  • company directory
  • employee details
  • location details
  • new articles
  • organizations website
  • press releases
  • security policies implemented
  • Web server links relevant to the organization

Difunde No Solo Hacking!

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